How to Style a Hat Like Chiara Ferragni

If you’re someone who struggles to style with accessories, you’re not alone. A good, balanced, and trendy look doesn’t just come together in a second. But there’s always inspiration around if you just look.

Chiara Ferragni is the pioneer of the term ‘fashion influencer.’ She really came into her own with her blog and street-savvy style. With millions of followers on social media, she obviously knows a thing or two about styling with accessories.

So if you’re looking for some style inspiration for wearing a hat, her looks are like a self-help book.

One of the hats she frequents is the Manokhi x Toukitsou Officer’s Hat. This shiny vinyl hat in all its glory is a statement maker, so you should dress it as such too.

As Chiara shows in the following pictures, you can incorporate it in several ways, while also maintaining a personal touch.


In the look above, she’s wearing a beautiful floral print midi dress. She’s kept all the accessories and shoes cohesive by choosing black leather. The colors of the dress are also dark, which creates a darker and heavier shades palette.

She’s also wearing her hair open, which works great with the fisherman’s hat. It also separates the hat from the dress, so it’s more visible.

While this hat has grungy vibes, it can easily be balanced with feminine prints like floral and paisley.



This second look is textbook bold with the short leather skirt, fishnet stockings with polka dots, and high-heel boots with the iconic YSL heels that defy the laws of physics. The hat fits into this edgy ‘devil may care’ look perfectly. If that describes your style, then this Manokhi x Toukitsou Officer’s hat will work its way into any look you put together. 

Again dark colors are used and there’s a lot of coherencies. She even breaks the fashion rules by pairing brown with black. But since it’s all dark, it works!

If you’re thinking about contrasting the hat, what could be better than white? In this look, Chiara is wearing a black and white striped wool tunic. The hat complements the black stripes.

The other accessories match the aesthetic of the hat. The wide leather belt features a golden baroque buckle. The Chanel bag has the iconic golden snap and gold chain braided strap. Similarly, the Toukitsou hat has golden buttons on the chin strap. So there’s a theme to the accessories.

When choosing other accessories like a bag, belt, or even jewelry, match it with the hat. Gold-finish earrings will look beautiful with the black vinyl hat.


Things get easier if you’re sticking to a single color, which in this case is the all too powerful black. Notice how Chiara plays with textures in this all-black look. When using a single color with separates, choose contrasting textures.

Don’t wear vinyl or patent leather jacket or top, rather go with something softer like cotton or cashmere. That helps distinguish the accessories and the clothes. Her hooded sweatshirt is making the hat and the leather skirt distinct.

This is what makes this particular Toukitsou hat so versatile, as it can be incorporated into many different looks. The key is to keep it cohesive with other accessories or a piece of the outfit.


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