Get ideas on how to create a bold look with Toukitsou hats

Ιt’s nice sometimes to go out of your way to create a look that draws attention anywhere you go. If you’re thinking along those lines, a Breton hat might help. It’s also called a fisherman’s hat, fiddler, captain, and even newsboy. While not the most common hat, it’s definitely the go-to for those ‘go big or go home’ moments.

Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Chiara Ferragni are not shy to show their love for this kind of hat silhouette. But styling it the right way can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you want to make a statement out of it.

Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you and give you some inspiration to work with.

Oftentimes people mistake bold for crazy: unorthodox shapes, elaborate embellishments, or risque cuts. Being bold with your looks is not equivalent to trying too hard. It’s just about using elements that are unfrequented or perhaps don’t go together that well.

You want to start by picking materials you normally wouldn’t wear every day. Think leather, vinyl, sequins, or fur.


Adelina Pestritu in all leather ensemble with Toukitsou leather fisherman hat

Check out the this extremely powerful look featuring Romanian model, Adelina Pestritu. She’s wearing an all-leather ensemble with a Toukitsou leather fisherman’s hat. It’s just one material, but it creates drama and exudes power. 

The hat complements the leather coat, shorts, gloves, and boots. The whole look comes together seamlessly because of similar materials. Yet, it stands out because you might not wear this normally. However, individually the pieces can be used commonly.

That’s the power of materials when it comes to fashion. Of course, it does matter how it’s used. But if you want to make strong choices, start with the fabrics.

Here’s another great look that Valery Kaufman is boasting. Some may argue it’s bordering on sophistication, but we disagree. The militaristic vibe of the Toukitsou Gold Star fiddler hat and the coat is unapologetically bold. It’s a well-balanced look that uses gold accents like the buttons on the coat or the star motif embroidered on the hat to stand out.

The aviators are also adding to the whole power dynamic of this rather simple look. The takeaway is to use pieces that have extraordinary construction or elaborate accents, be it in the form of buttons, embroidery, tassels, or trims. It doesn’t hurt if the pieces are as well-tailored as the coat Kaufman dons in this image.

But does bold mean you can’t really use your basics? Not really.

Toukitsou Velvet hat

Check out the styling in the image above. It’s your basic denim shirt, paired with paneled leggings. However, it’s the accessories that elevate these basics and give them a bold aesthetic. The chunky sole leather boots and the Toukitsou Velvet hat are adding ruggedness that makes it a stand-out ensemble.


And what about colors? Colors are the easiest recipe for turning out a strong look, like the one in the picture above. The orange bodysuit paired with the Toukitsou Orange Jumpsuit hat creates an ensemble that’s hard to ignore. The color is super vibrant and attention-grabbing. When using colors for a strong look, go with your neons and your metallics. It’s best to keep it monochromatic, but you can use multiple colors so long as they are contrasting or balancing.

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