Greek Fisherman Hat looks inspired by Frida Aasen

Greek Fisherman hats have gained great grounds in the fashion world and constitute the latest trend in hat styling. Celebrities, fashion designers, stylists and models have praised their looks with such a hat choice.

Frida Aasen, the Norwegian model which is well-known for her Victoria's Secret catwalks, is one of the models who have added Greek Fisherman Hats (else known as Fiddler or Brixton caps) into their styling routine and fashionable looks. Being a model which has walked for big brands and stylists while also being a social media influencer with many followers on Instagram, she certainly has knowledge over fashion trends and expertise on mix and matching different fashion pieces while turning them into stylish looks.

Apparently, hat trends can offer several choices, from cowboy to fisherman or bucket hats. However, Fiddler caps are those which have been a lot into the model’s outfits while also be part of fashion week outfits. If you have noticed the fiddler caps in the fashion world lately, you’re not mistaken. Connected with tradition, such hat styles have been turned into the most stylish pieces and are considered cuter than ever. In fact, the Greek Fisherman’s masculine nature has been turned into feminine fashionable pieces which paired with a dress, casual or sophisticated look can win the impressions and constitute a very stylish partner of your wardrobe.

Looking into the fashion shows, celebrity style and designers’ suggestions, the right hat can take any outfit to the next level. With the right choice, your look can be turned into a very distinctive and stylish combination. However, very often women do not know exactly how to match a hat and more specifically, how to get the best out of a Greek Fisherman’s Hat.

Therefore, if you're looking for some hat styling inspiration, here are some of Frida Aasen's looks wearing cute outfits with chic caps, especially for Autumn / Winter season but also for early spring when the weather is still cold. As a model, het outfits are always into fashion, she certainly knows how to best match the fisherman hat so that it can enhance the total outfit.

1 | Simple hat look with constrast

A great and stylish outfit idea could be this one. Frida Aasen has chosen a Toukitsou Black Velvet Fisherman's Hat to match her black outfit accompanied by a warm light brown/ beige jacket. This outfit is a casual, yet super stylish and eye-catching look which is matched with a fiddler cap, and this way the total look becomes even more distinguished and stands out. If you’re at a beginning stage of matching your hats, start by such little moves; wear your Fisherman’s hat with simple and basic shirts or tops, as a part of a casual look.

Moreover, always use pieces which will create a contrast and tone even more the beauty of your hat accessory. Through achieving contrast, you can arrange opposite elements (in this case the color) aiming to create visual interest. This way, the contrast will add up to the total hat look and will show which part of the outfit is the most important. A fiddler hat outfit, even though it can be simple, it will always steal the impressions and make the look more bold and outstanding. When it comes to outfits with hats, always start small and simple and then proceed with more sophisticated looks.


2 | Hat styling with wool and leather



Another stylish look is this leather “python” skirt matched with a nude wool shirt and a Toukitsou wool beige hat. If you need a suggestion for fall looks, here is the most stylish appearance you can make. This fashionable look can be a perfect choice for office or walk. It is a perfect fashion choice combined with a stylish fisherman’s hat. It appears that Frida Aasen loves nude colors and stylish pieces. Her preference for fiddler caps makes her outfits to stand out. Wool with leather is a fashion combination which can never go wrong.  The wool hat is well matched with the wool shirt and the option of a faux leather skirt is the contrast that this look needs.

Again, this is a simple casual, yet more sophisticated outfit which can be created with basic items we all have in our wardrobes. The key for choosing the right hat and style it effectively, is the choice of an outfit that will enhance the hat look through the mix and match which can create contrast and achieve a perfect collaboration between the pieces in order to add interest on the hat piece.

In case you're into a look which will reach the next level with the hat styling, then these looks may be an inspiration for you! Try a Greek Fisherman’s hat in endless variations; classic, casual, chic, sophisticated and have such inspirational looks as a guideline for cute hat outfits that will put you into the latest hat trends and be part of a fashionable iconic outfit.


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