How to make a bold spring look with Greek Fisherman Hats

The weather is getting warmer and spring is all around the corner. As the temperature rises, the need for lighter outfits, colorful clothes and spring fabrics is emerging. A new season means new chances and of course new outfits. It is the time when you will feel rejuvanated both for the change of season but also the change of your wardrobe. We could not be more excited about it!

We are all looking for ways to stay fashionable and stylish by trying out Spring outfits. The trick for creating a great spring outfit is the choice of spring basics, color in clothes while also mix and matching different accessories. Jewelries, glasses and of course hats can perfectly match a spring styling and accompany perfectly a basic outfit and make it stand out.

Spring is a confusing season when it comes to styling as the weather is getting warm but it can also be a bit of cold. We often get confused on what to wear and what accessories to choose. Below there are some fashionable choices which can guide you on the fabric and styling choices while also give you some suggestions on how to combine Greek fisherman hats with spring outfits in order to make the most distinguished styling this season!


1 | Spring dress macthed with Toukitsou red wool hat

What's better than a casual and fashionable dress for spring? A cute spring dress macthed with a Greek Fisherman's hat is the ideal combination for Spring. Silvia Caruso is wearing a black cotton dress with little cherries that obsviously are trasnfering you to Spring. The Toukitsou red wool hat matched perfectly the red details of the dress and the red high heels and that's what we mean when we are talking about the right mathcing of accessories.

Silvia Caruso is a quite elegant and fashionable woman who definitely knows about fashion. She matched pieces which all together created a romantic, stylish and fashionable spring look that is quite feminine and cozy. The wool fisherman's hat adds up to the whole look and make it more distinguished while also it gives character to the outfit and makes more dynamic.


2 |  A chic dark & white outfit 

One of the prettiest outfits for Spring. Spring is the time when the white in clothes is the best choice (even though we also love white in Winter outfits). This is an outfit for early Spring; when the weather is neither warm nor cold an outfit like this appears to be the best option. Gorgeous Janice JooStema has macthed white pants with a pretty and chic shirt. A wool fisherman’s hat takes the outfit to a next level. Accessories is the ultimate choice for your spring outfits and in this case, the fiddler cap perfectly matched the fashionable look and add up to the contrast that the outfit creates.



3 | Chic & casual

 A casual and chic outfit by Janice Joostema where white and nude colors are dominating. This is a very cute and stylish outfit which also seems comfortable for a Spring walk. The Fiddler Cap makes the outfit more distinguished while also it gives character to the look and makes it a statement. Who could not observe the look when a hat like that is chosen? Accessories always add up to the whole look and especially in Spring or Summer when we choose more basic items and simple clothes, accessories can create interesting detail where clothes are simple or plain.

 4 | Total Black 

Who could say no to black in Spring? Colors should not be categorized into seasons as it is a matter of personal styling. Even though the lighter colors are preferred for Spring outfits, people who love darker colors should also have an option. The trick is to choose lighter materials. Fabrics like silk or cotton are perfect in spring in whatever color. Natasha Oakley has chosen a cute black blouse and she has macthed a Toukitsou Silver Thread. The combination is great and the Greek Fisherman hat gives another taste to look.


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