The best hat styling inspiration from VOGUE


As a worldwide fashion and lifestyle magazine, VOGUE can be characterized as the epitome of fashion issues and fashionable looks through featuring different celebrities, models and fashion experts. The unlimited covers of VOGUE throughout the world share the most stylish fashion trends and news which both celebrities and designers suggest.

Among the different fashion and lifestyle topics which are discussed at VOGUE magazine, styling is certainly dominating in the magazine’s articles. The covers of VOGUE have featured several times known models and celebrities which are wearing different hat styles. Moreover, countless articles have been written about the significance of accessories and especially hats in both summer and winter outfits.

According to VOGUE, the choice of hats and especially, Greek Fisherman Hats (aka Fiddler or Brixton Caps) are part of the latest trends and not only. Fiddler hats were always stylish and can be a statement for a fashion look. Moreover, the Fiddler Caps have been worn in several fashion weeks over the years and have been featured by the majority of fashion experts, celebrities and models. It has been proved that hats are an accessorize which can be mixed and matched with any outfit while also gives an extra stylish taste to the look. Fisherman hats can attract a great visual interest to your appearance. In like manner, the right choice of a hat and accessorizing it functionally each season, can make you break free from standards.

This article presents some hat styling ideas for Greek Fisherman's caps through discovering some of the VOGUE featured covers / shots throughout the world. The following fisherman’s headwear trends should not be missed as they are featured in some very stylish and dynamic women, from Italy to Asia.

 1. Princess Olympia of Greece | Italian VOGUE

Leather was - and is - always in the trends. The above shot shows how well a matte/leather cap can be matched with a total leather outfit. The faux leather fisherman’s hat has earned the trend in fashion weeks and streets while also it continues to gain momentum.

Princess Olympia is a member of Greece’s late royal family and one very fashionable and stylish woman. As a model and fashion influencer, she has expertise on fashion issues. Being chosen by VOGUE shows her way into fashion. With total black leather, this look is a statement and gives the sense of a strong and dominating woman. The featured hat in this outfit is the Toukitsou Officer's Black Matte cap which makes the outfit even more bold and dynamic.

2. Actress Qin Lan |  VOGUE Taiwan

Asians were always characterized about their expertise in beauty and skincare. However, it appears that they have a good taste on styling, too. A cover from VOGUE Taiwan is featuring a Toukitsou Red Wool Hat matched with a shirt and asymmetric kimono. The beauty of the actress Qin Lan is enhanced and being styled with a Greek Fisherman hat shows the charming combination. A pop of color always adds up to the total look and creates contrast; which means enhanced point of look. Even though many people are scared of breaking the neutral-color zone, a colorful piece can bring the perfect harmony to the style.

If you’re at a beginning stage of color-matching, start with a neutral color in the clothes and add color through your accessories, this way you will enhance the basic look with an outstanding hat styling. Contrast in the outfit is what makes a style to distinguish, try to contrast colors, materials etc. A Greek fisherman hat can match any outfit at any season. Try a wool hat like this in winter, a cotton or silk in the summer and give an extra touch to your total look. VOGUE always suggests accessories and hats, and cannot go wrong!

3. VOGUE Paris


Who cannot love denim? Denim is always a good choice when it comes to styling an outfit. Even though denim can be considered as a more casual outfit, it can also be effectively matched with a more sophisticated outfit. In this look by VOGUE magazine, the denim skirt and jacket together with a basic black top have been enhanced with the selection of accessories. Jewelries, gloves and the Greek Fisherman’s Hat are cooperating to tone even more the beauty of this bold look. The hat choice for this fashionable look is the Efterpi Hat from Toukitsou, which perfectly matches and enhances the dynamic of the total outfit. The hat is the ultimate partner for a fashionable styling for the season. You cannot go wrong with denim especially in Autumn or Spring, if you combine it with the appropriate pieces you can make it even more cool, cute and super stylish.

If you are searching for ways to stand out in the crowd with your look, then a Greek Fisherman’s hat is what you are looking for. VOGUE can offer you great inspiration on how to effectively wear them and style them according to your look through ideas from all over the world.

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