Exclusive Electric Blue & Gold Velvet Nautical Cap with Crystals

This limited edition cap is the epitome of our luxury nautical caps. Designed and produced in a very limited number for our most exclusive clientele. It is made of 100% Fine Cotton Super Soft Velvet and it is assorted by an original Greek Orthodox Church Gold Lace for the high hierarchy vestments. Its black patent black brim holds a chin strap made of small quality crystals making a cap that will draw the attention adding a luxury and unique final touch to any outfit.    
- Handmade item
- 100% Cotton with a Silk Feel and touch. 
- Supported by a breathable viscose liner.
- The Structured band ensures that the cap sits firm yet comfortable on head.
- Super light structure. 
- Two Vintage side buttons secure firmly the crystal chin strap.
- Easy to clean sweatband
- Short Toukitsou-Visor® 
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