Manokhi x Toukitsou

MANOKHI , the unique womens wear brand known for its leather pieces and TOUKITSOU , the premiere manufacturer of the iconic ‘’Greek Fisherman’s Hat’ collaborate for the first time creating a collection of elegant and smart, but cool vibes caps in outrageous colours and fabrics.
Since the 1880’s The Greek Fisherman ’s Hat has started as an everyday accessory for the sailor and fisherman of the Mediterranean. Durable, comfortable and with its classic small visor and wool felt it soon became the symbol of the Greek workingman all over the Aegean islands .
Through the decades the cap has traveled the world and in the early part of the 1990’s found its way from the Greek fisherman to the heads of politicians,artists and actors .

Together with Manokhi we decided to continue the tradition together, producing the caps with the same precision, quality and craftsmanship for our clients, using a large variety of materials in different colors and custom braids .

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